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How To Make Counter Strike 1.6 Server [Non-Steam]

  • Saturday, 7 May 2011
  • cstrikegaming
  • Hi guys, if you want to make counter strike 1.6 server and put it online then you are in right place. There are some steps you need to do to make server.
    To install a Counter Strike 1. 6 dedicated server or HLDS, you need :
    * Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7 (OS what you have)
    * Processor 1000 ghz, memory 256 ram
    * Internet Connection
    * 300 - 400 MB free space on disk
    (Notice :- This is lowest requirement to run server.)
    STEP :-                       
    • First you need a internet connection really depends on how much players you want in server.
    • Second HLDS (Half-Life Dedicated Server) or server creator.
    • If you are BSNL user (Home Plan/ Business Plan) then you need to open your router ports to run server.
    • If you have another service provider and port is allready open than easy for you.
    • Port Forward for server.
    • Dynamic ip to Static host name.
    • Config your Server like server.cfg, motd file, plugins, amx mode.
    • Last step you need to add server in or other you know.
    There are some steps you need to follow if you want dedicated server.
    If you want to host server from your cs 1.6 game then there is a solution Follow Step.
    STEP :- 
    • Go to website ...
    • Then download "Garena Client"...
    • Config it and luanch the game (see tutorial..)
    Tutorial HLDS Server :- 
    1) Internet connection speed depends how much player you want in server for game server, speed means your internet uploading speed actually beacuse every player need your speed in server to hold player and for lag free server. there is some example see below -
    * 128k uplink = 4 players
    * 256k uplink = 7 players
    * 320k uplink = 9 players
    * 512k uplink = 14 players
    * 768k uplink = 21 players
    * 1024k uplink = 28 player
    * 1140k uplink = 32 players
    * 1708k uplink = 32 players for CS:S (max)
    2) Search for Server Creator or HLDS Server and download it.
    3) Create an new diretory name it HLDS or whatever you want then install server creator it take some time for installation you need to wait or copy your HLDS Server to it. After installation hlds folder size may or may not 315 MB. Now you have fresh copy of hlds server.
    hlds folder

    Double click on hlds.exe then green startpanel appears you can config server like server name, slots, port no, rcon password etc...
    hlds server
    After Start server another green control panel appears you can see all activity of server here like player playing, cpu load, playerping etc.
     control panel
    In This panel you see local ip not external ip. this local ip is that ip in which we forward router port ok.
    4) Now We talk about modem or router for port forwarding.
    * In Business plan may or may not port forwarded already.
    * In Home Plan port is not forwarded already so you need to setting your router the best site which helps for how to open router setting is
    * I have Nokia SIEMENS 1600 Router so i am going to tell you how to open its port for cs 1.6 server
    1. First goto here all basic modem setting available.
    2. Then goto or here all advance setting available.
    3. But before port forwarding make your ip static remeber its your local static ip.
    4. Open control panel then open Networking and Sharing then goto local area connetion status then open its properties after that ipv4 (internet protocol version 4) its properties and setting here look like in pic below

    • Now you have static ip you need to forward router port on this ip (
    • Open for DMZ set your ip here.
    • Now add virtual server for this purpose open add virtual server by pressing add button.
    • Add virtual server with your local static ip see pic given below
                     Now restart your modem then start your server then goto and make account on it then just add new server then put server ip its your external ip you can find it put your ip in server ip field select game then port i.e 27015,27016 if every thing ok then server added can join your server by finding server in LAN Server(in game) and your friends which is in another network they join by external ip and port number (EnJoy SeRvEr).
    Tutorial GARENA Server esay to use and play                      
    Its easy to make server through your game just cs 1.6 is installed in your pc. player can join you and you can join player online.
    * First step goto download garena client from site.
    * Install garena client.
    * Then register make an account
    * login through garena client software
    • Go to Games Select your game then select your region its depends on level if you new then your level is one
    • Join room after join goto setting in executable setting give the path where is your cs 1.6 installed i.e C:\Program Files\counter strike\cs.exe or what ever you have.
    • Next is Game Bootstrap parameters is "-cstrike"
    • Then Click on update and start your game.
    • Now you can join server in LAN server and you can start your server just start new game, people can join you.
    • you also start your HLDS server from it just change setting
    • EnJoY SErVer
    ----- If You want to config server file see another tutorial on site you can config server.cfg set rates for server and make motd file to intro your server----Please Comment on this to know me if you like or not this will help me to make it better............


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    4. Could not get it yet....
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    6. dude how to make it static can u explain my net speed is 2

      please tell me...

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    8. @Mayank dude do everything as he said even if u dont understand ...

      it doesnt make ur ip static, it just forwards the ports...

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    10. hey man:i forwarded ports as you did then typed sv lan 0 etc any where you said then it worked i typed in console "connect IP:port"then server started one player connected and i typed my Publice ip in console not local ip then after some time i wanted to give my ip to other peoples on Full speed public server which i got from ""when i typed my ip on that message window appeard and written on that MY NAME MY IP and other paragraph-like in other language then after some time i connected to my server then it not connect to my server Plz help me i m very nervous about it.................

      4 May 2012 at 05:35
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    12. unfortunately I cannot afford a 1000 ghz processor, is there any workaround?

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    14. unfortunately I cannot afford a 1000 ghz processor, is there any workaround?

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